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Is Dental Sedation Safe for Kids?

Here at Living Oaks Dental, we try to make every appointment as enjoyable as possible for all family members. Dr. Gene Brabston has the knowledge, experience, and, most importantly, passion, to make your little one feel comfortable during every visit. However, when a child is too anxious or needs more complex treatment, he may recommend sedation. 

But, is dental sedation safe for kids? 

Yes, it is. Let us tell you more about it. 

Reasons a Child May Need Sedation Dentistry? 

There are many reasons a child may need sedation, such as:

  • They Are Too Fearful: Dental procedures can be scary for children and sedation can help to ease their anxiety and make them more comfortable.
  • Complex Dental Procedures: If a child needs a complicated or lengthier dental procedure sedation can be used to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly.
  • Medical Conditions: Special needs children may have difficulty staying still for the duration of a dental procedure. Sedation can help them relax and receive the treatment they need. 
  • A Previous Bad Experience: If a child had a bad experience at the dentist in the past, they might be very nervous to go again. Sedation can help to make the experience less stressful for them.

Types of Sedation Dentistry in Kids

These are the types of sedation used in pediatric dentistry:

  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas): This is a mild form of sedation that the child breathes in through a mask placed over their nose The effects wear off quickly once the mask is removed.
  • Oral Sedation: This involves giving the child a pill before the procedure. The medication may make them slightly drowsy, but they will remain awake. It will take several hours for the effects to completely wear off. 
  • IV Sedation: This type of sedation will make the child so relaxed that they may not remember much about the procedure.
  • Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia: This type of sedation will make the child completely unconscious, which is why it’s only used for complex procedures and in a hospital setting. 

Is Sedation Safe for Kids? 

Yes, sedation is generally considered safe for kids when administered by professionals with the appropriate training. 

Here at Living Oaks Dental, we have the training, experience, and resources to ensure that your child will be safe and comfortable throughout the entire procedure. 

Before anything, we perform a thorough health history to identify and get updated on any allergies, current medications, past health issues, or current illnesses.

Based on this information and the treatment your child needs, we will choose the most appropriate sedation method. 

We encourage parents to ask any questions and address any concerns. We will try to make sure that you have all the information you need, including what to expect before and during the procedure, any pre or post-treatment instructions, as well as the possible side effects. 

Bring Your Child to Living Oaks Dental

If you’re looking for a family dentist in Fairhope who also offers sedation, don’t hesitate to consider the team at Living Oaks Dental

Reach out right now to book your next appointment. 

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