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Endodontics refers to a specialty in dentistry that is focused on the nerve pulp of the tooth and other interior parts of the tooth, such as the roots and ligaments that hold your teeth in place. When these tissues become damaged or inflamed due to an accident or an oral health issue like a tooth infection, endodontics (or root canal therapy) is often required to save the tooth.

Dr. Gene Brabston of Living Oaks Dental is highly experienced in endodontics. With over 40 years of dental expertise, you can trust him to give you a pain-free root canal with minimal recovery time.

Root Canal Therapy

The Most Common Endodontic Treatment

By far, the most common endodontic treatment is root canal therapy. Root canals are usually required to treat teeth that have become infected due to severe tooth decay or tooth damage from an impact injury.

When the interior of a tooth becomes infected and the nerve pulp is inflamed and begins to decay, serious tooth pain will occur. Symptoms like the inflammation of the surrounding gum tissue are also quite common.

Root canal therapy is the process of removing this infected pulp. A small opening is made at the top of the infected tooth, and the nerve pulp is removed with specialized implements. The tooth is then filled with a rubbery dental material called gutta percha, which lends strength and structure to the tooth while replacing the natural pulp. Next, the tooth is protected and capped with a dental crown, completing the restoration.

The procedure only takes an hour and is delivered under a local anesthetic. The process is similar to having a cavity filled and if done correctly, it will eliminate your pain and take minimal time to recover.

Other Types

Of Endodontic Surgery

While root canals are, by far, the most common endodontic surgery, other treatments may sometimes be necessary.

  • Apicoectomy – If the roots of a tooth were not treated properly during a root canal or are too badly infected to be saved, an apicoectomy is used to replace them with a composite resin or an amalgam filling, providing a stable base upon which the treated tooth can rest.
  • Traumatic injury treatment – If a tooth is loose, cracked or knocked out, restorative treatment may be required in order to replace the tooth and ensure the integrity of the roots and pulp.
  • Endodontic retreatment – If a root canal fails and infection recurs, endodontic retreatment may be required to remove the source of infection.

Need a Root Canal or Other Endodontic Treatment?

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If you think you have an infected tooth and need a root canal or you require another endodontic treatment, see Dr. Gene Brabston at Living Oaks Dental. With decades of experience and a gentle, friendly approach to oral surgery, you can trust Dr. Brabston to get you out of pain. Contact us and schedule your appointment by calling us at (251) 928-1645, or drop by our office at 506 N. Section St., Fairhope, AL 36532.


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