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The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleanings

After every single appointment, Dr. Gene Brabston closes off by telling his patients “See you in 6 months.”

As you likely know, experts like Dr. Brabston recommend seeing your Fairhope family dentist routinely for professional cleanings to help keep your oral health in check. 

But if you’re wondering how important these routine visits truly are, here are 5 reasons that can encourage you to schedule your next cleaning appointment ASAP: 

Clean Every Nook and Cranny

It’s almost impossible for patients to thoroughly clean their teeth at home. Even if you use the latest electric toothbrush, great products, and take your time while flossing, you are likely still not reaching all the areas of your mouth.

Professional dental cleanings can remove food particles and tartar buildup even from these impossible areas, leaving your teeth perfectly clean and sparkly.

Examine Your Oral Health

During your cleaning, Dr. Brabston is also looking at your teeth and gums to see if any issues could need his attention.

Through routine treatments, you can address cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues when they are just beginning, well before they cause any irreparable damage.

Prevent Oral Health Issues

Professional dental cleanings are an integral part of dental preventative care. 

By removing bacteria, plaque, and tartar, you can keep your teeth healthy long-term and seriously reduce the risk of developing oral health issues such as bad breath, tooth infections, gingivitis, and more.

Get a Stunning Smile

People often notice that their teeth look whiter after getting them professionally cleaned, and yes, this could happen!

Professional dental cleanings use special tools and products to be more thorough, and they can remove stubborn stains that your regular brushing can’t. 

Moreover, plaque and tartar make the teeth look slightly yellow, so removing them could make it look like you’ve whitened your teeth by 1-2 shades.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Left unchecked, many dental issues can lead to permanent tooth loss. This can happen in the case of gum disease, an infection that can cause your teeth to fall out.

But ignoring a cavity may also have this effect. As it grows, the bacteria eat healthy tooth pulp, and over time, the tooth may become infected and need a permanent extraction.

Routine dental cleanings reduce your risk of developing such conditions and, as a result, are your best defense against tooth loss. 

Ready for Your Next Teeth Cleaning?

Routine dental cleanings, coupled with good at-home oral hygiene, are the best things you can do to protect your oral health and keep your smile looking stunning.

If it’s about time for another professional cleaning, Dr. Gene Brabston is here to help with expert and compassionate preventative care for you and your entire family.

Schedule an appointment at Living Oaks Dental online, or call us at (251) 928-1645 for a short chat.

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