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In addition to maintaining a good home care routine, the best thing you can do for your dental health is to schedule regular checkups and professional cleanings. Living Oaks Dental wants to be a part of your dental health journey to catch any signs of damage early on, before they become big problems. Together we can prevent dental issues from occurring down the road, protecting you and your entire family.

What Is

A Family Dentist?

Unlike a specialized pediatric dentist, who typically only treats children up to a certain age, a family dentist is a dental professional who treats patients of all ages and stages of dental health. From infants to grandparents, Dr. Brabston can treat every member of the family with personalized care.

Dr. Brabston has been a family dentist for more than 40 years and has treated patients from all walks of life. At Living Oaks Dental, we can provide you and your family with every kind of treatment at every avenue of your dental health journey. Whether you need routine care, a filling for a small cavity, or extensive oral surgery, we offer services to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile no matter your age or the current state of your oral health.

Whether you’re a young adult looking for a new dentist, a new parent taking your child to the dentist for the first time, or a senior who needs specialized treatment, Dr. Brabston and the team at Living Oaks Dental are always here to help.

The Importance

Of A Dental Home

One of the most important concepts in family dentistry is the idea of a “dental home.” A dental home is an office where you and your family feel comfortable to receive the majority of your care and develop a life-long relationship with your dentist.

Finding a dental home has a number of benefits, especially if you have kids. Routine care from the same dentist helps children become more familiar with dental appointments and reduces their risk of dental anxiety in the future. It also allows for better overall oral care, because a dentist that knows your unique health challenges will recognize any concerning trends or issues that should be addressed right away.

The Benefits

Of Regular Preventative Care

Preventive care is one of the most essential parts of family dentistry, and regular six-month oral exams and teeth cleanings have a number of benefits:

  • Recognize serious oral health issues early – Issues like tooth decay and periodontal disease can easily be treated before they become serious, and Dr. Brabston can also look for other serious conditions like signs of oral cancer.
  • A healthier, brighter smile – Your teeth will remain healthy and bright, thanks to regular exams and cleanings.
  • Save time and money – Most dental plans cover bi-annual oral exams and cleanings. Even if you do not have insurance, preventive care is much more affordable and less time-consuming than paying for restorative treatments.
  • Better oral health education – Seeing the dentist regularly will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your oral health. How can I treat teeth grinding? What does it mean if my teeth are becoming more sensitive? How can I change my diet to protect my teeth? Dr. Brabston will answer any questions you have about your oral health.
  • Encourage better oral health in your children – Regular treatment for your kids will help them become more familiar with the best ways to protect their oral health and encourage better life-long oral hygiene habits.



We are honored to provide you and your family with thorough, quality care in a warm, relaxing environment. We encourage you to stay informed of our services and speak with Dr. Brabston, so you can work together to create a comprehensive health plan that works for you. There’s no cause for concern about dental anxiety either, with our sedation options, your family’s care will be pain-free. If you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, call us at (251) 928-1645.

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Whether you’re looking to make a routine appointment or come in for a restorative procedure, you’ll be in good hands with Living Oaks Dental. Our skilled staff will take care of you from the moment you walk through our doors and long after. You’re a top priority for us, and we’ll provide every comfort along the way. Our office is warm and inviting, you’re welcome to come through any time we’re open. We look forward to meeting you!


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